Dedicated activity and participation in the community.

Awarded 5 months ago (2022-06-15)

Posted by Deatvert

For service during the ranked war with 39th Street XR. Not only effective individual hitting, but also conributed to managing offline members, organizing chain extensions, and highlighting priority targets during pushes and attempts at chain breaks.

Awarded 6 months ago (2022-05-16)

Posted by Imperial Emperor

Another member who has also been supporting our community is Altmoras, who has been helping Pacificans in need with the questions or queries that they have, and has actively participated in the ranked wars that we've fought, taking a leading role on the ground encouraging members forwards so that we can claim victory as well as over 1199 attacks in our chains. Any member who gives members of the Order such encouragement and assistance is worthy of being a Dedicated Pacifican.