Excellent leadership and service to a specific aspect of the Order.

Awarded 1 year ago (2020-12-17)

Posted by Lord of Darkness

While many Pacificans have seen the fruits of their labor in one form or another, far fewer are aware of the countless hours they have spent behind the scenes to build and maintain information about Pacifica and the games we inhabit. Bobogoobo has served as an administrator of the Cyber Nations wiki for approximately a decade and made a total of 11,124 edits in effort to preserve the history of the game and the Cyber Nations chapter of the New Pacific Order. Virtually every Pacifican related page on the CN wiki has been contributed to in one way or another by him, be it from original content, creating and updating templates used across a multitude of pages, or reverting vandalism. Bobogoobo has also been heavily involved in setting up wikis for other games, most notably Pixel Nations.

Earlier this year Bobogoobo was an integral part of getting our wiki - the NPOWiki - set up and running. They coded numerous templates and scripts to help better organize and connect information together for the years to come. Additionally, they helped put together several early wiki editing policies and documentation for commonly used formatting as well as all of the custom scripts and templates they wrote.

Let this award serve as a thank you for about a decade of tedious and thankless work Bobogoobo has put into aiding the documentation of our structure and history.