Exceptional service and/or leadership. For those who go above and beyond in their work in an area or who contribute leadership wise to further their respective area.

Awarded 7 years ago (2014-08-10)

Posted by amyameretta

Import 'The Directorate Award'

For the past few months the Order faced a series of challenges to our economic system: rebuilding the many nations who had been decimated in war without the help of our bank, running Tech Corps on a shoe string budget, managing the tsunami of cash entering the system when terms ended, and transitioning to Orion. Without fail, several individuals have worked tirelessly at the associate/director level to identify and resolve clogs in the tech/money pipelines and pitching in to cover analyst teams whenever a shortage of coverage arrived. These individuals also helped our 300+ nations navigate the transition to Orion such that tech and money would continue to flow.