Dedicated activity and participation in the community.

Awarded 1 year ago (2022-12-17)

Posted by Imperial Emperor

Prosperity has had a busy year, transforming itself from a faction that we would move away from the front line in wartime to a faction that has proven to be capable of holding its own in ranked wars. A key member of this transformation has been Darkparticle, who as a member of the Prosperity Council has stepped up to support his fellow Prosperity members. Darkparticle as a recruiter has also been responsible for five new members joining Pacifica, Darkparticle is a model Pacifican.

Awarded 1 year ago (2022-08-22)

Posted by Deatvert

For service during the ranked war with Leafy's Tree and Legitimate Business. Their work issuing an astonishing amount of bounties to help control our score bleed while people were offline in the Legitimate Business war as well as adding in a substantial number of hits and organization to the Leafy's Tree war.