Consistent long term leadership contributions furthering a specific aspect of the Order.

Awarded 2 weeks ago (2024-06-22)

Posted by Deatvert

In the months echotte has been in NPO she’s contributed heavily to the development of departments, currently in Military Command and the Prosperity Council. Prior to that she heavily contributed to Admissions, developing processes and various guides/ways to convey information to players including those fancy infographics you’ve likely seen floating around. In her role in Military Command she’s overseen double digit ranked wars, regularly leading our factions to victory. Off the battlefield her insight and work into MilCom processes has been extremely effective in helping modernize the department In Prosperity Council she has been a driving force in organizing and monitoring the various council duties. She has also contributed substantially to the technical tools across the Order, including various informational sheets for MilCom, a script to assist in cross-faction banking, and various other internal tools.