Dedicated activity and participation in the community.

Awarded 1 year ago (2021-01-01)

Posted by Marina

End666 is a long-serving Pacifican who came to prominence within the Order fairly recently. First joining the CN branch in 2013, he spent several stints in various capacities and branches before finding his true skill in the Legio Pacifica in NS. In the past year, Ender has tirelessly participated in every operation he can, despite a range of circumstances getting in the way, resulting in him having the third-highest operation count and the highest non-government operation count in Legio record. He has contributed to the development of officer standards, served with distinction as a commander abroad and organized multi-military operations to great success, and bears the distinction of being able to regularly outdo seasoned operators in command and defense on his notoriously slow internet connection. Heaven help us all if he ever gets broadband. Aside from his personal talents, he has been a significant contributor to Pacifican culture, although I suspect he likes the emojis named for him on the Legio server more than those on the main server.

Awarded 8 years ago (2014-05-07)

Posted by SeasonsofLove

Import 'Diplomat of the Month'

We'd like to honor two diplomats with the Diplomat of the Month Award. Marneus and end666 have both shown outstanding activity in maintaining communications with their alliances. The two of them work exceptionally hard to build and maintain relationships on behalf of Pacifica. We thank both Marneus and end666 for their dedication and hard work - they are great assets to the Diplomatic Corps and we know they will continue to show their dedication.