Exceptional service and/or leadership. For those who go above and beyond in their work in an area or who contribute leadership wise to further their respective area.

Awarded 12 years ago (2011-10-13)

Posted by Farrin Xies

Import 'Diplomatic Medal of Innovation'

The Diplomatic Medal of Innovation is awarded for the "streamlining of how the Diplomatic Corps works, and for making the lives of all diplomats easier." It has only been awarded once before, to Brennan, currently one of my comrade Imperial Officers. He received it for spearheading the creation of the Wiki that the Diplomatic Corps has used internally for almost two years. As we move on from the Wiki, it only makes sense to also give it to the person who, since Brennan created it, has been running it: Imperial Emperor. Many of you know IE from his horrible web browser and his work in High Command. However, ImpEmp has been a member of the Diplomatic Leadership team for some time now, specifically to oversee the Wiki for us. Brennan might have gotten the Wiki off the ground, but Imperial Emperor took the baton and ran with it from there.

Awarded 14 years ago (2010-02-03)

Posted by Brennan

Import 'Media Leadership Award'

Imperial Emperor, I hereby award you the Outstanding Media Leadership Medal. For your service to the Wiki and going above and beyond daily teaching and making improvements.