Dedicated activity and participation in the community.

Awarded 11 years ago (2011-10-14)

Posted by Kean

Import 'Diplomatic Leader of the Month'

As you hopefully all know- The Diplomatic Corps has stopped its usage of the wiki, and has gone back to the old method of factbooks. Making this transition creates a tremendous amount work for all members of the Diplomatic Corps, But for Diplomatic Leadership- It's something much more. I'd like to thank all of my Special Envoys for updating their spheres in such a swift manor. Without you- The Diplomatic Corps would crumble. Thank you.

Awarded 11 years ago (2011-09-08)

Posted by Necoho

Import 'Diplomatic Leader of the Month'

Lord Valleo has worked very hard for a long time with alliances like GOONS, ODN, TLR, and NG. I'm so proud to have him on our staff of Special Envoys and don't know what we would do without him!

Awarded 11 years ago (2011-06-02)

Posted by Farrin Xies

Import 'Diplomat of the Month'

This month's Diplomat of the Month is Lord Valleo, currently tasked as the diplomat to GOONS. LV came to me specifically requesting the assignment, and I will admit to at first being... skeptical. "LV as a diplo? What the $#%@ are you thinking?" was asked of me by more than one member of this alliance. However, LV is uniquely equipped because of the same reason he sometimes causes me to pull out my hair - he can be as much, or bigger, a troll than even most GOONS. And, for some reason, they seem to love him for it. We've gone from having absolutely no friendly contact with GOONS whatsoever to having an active embassy on their boards as well as on ours, a fun Supremacy 1914 game (we're kicking ass, btw), and some decent conversations for the most part with many of their members. I'm looking harshly at some of you for making me qualify that last part. None of that would be possible without the good work LV is doing, so congratulations to him on being named Diplomat of the Month. Keep it up, LV, and I regret ever doubting you'd kick ass as a diplomat!