Consistent long term leadership contributions furthering a specific aspect of the Order.

Awarded 11 years ago (2011-10-13)

Posted by Farrin Xies

Import 'Diplomatic High Leadership Ribbon'

Much like the previous award, the Diplomatic High Leadership Ribbon, awarded to Imperial Legates "for hard-working, diligent, efficient, and outstanding abilities, and for innovating the internal affairs of the Corps," has only been awarded twice: to SupremeGuru, a long-time and successful Legate; and another of my peers on the Imperial level, bakamitai. I am doubling the amount of people that this award has been given to today by presenting it to both of our current Legates, Kean and Necoho. When I was moved up to FAIO, they were my first two choices to succeed me as Legate, and boy did I make a good decision. Either one separately is excellent; together, they make a perfect team. The Diplomatic Corps hasn't been led this well for some time... and that's coming from a guy who used to be in their position. They're great diplomats for the Order as well as leaders, and I look forward to working with both for a long time to come.