Excellent leadership and service to a specific aspect of the Order.

Awarded 1 year ago (2022-05-29)

Posted by Imperial Emperor

Today we come together to recognise and thank a fellow Pacifican who has gone well above and beyond in the work that they have been doing for the benefit of all our members here.

I am of course talking about our very own spoon overlord Nemphesis. To understand why let me tell you about the good work he has been doing, as not all of it may be obvious at first glance:

  • Managing the posting of the gym diaries after Pansy had to step back, including rewriting them to include Prosperity members and arranging the data to be captured in order to put them together
  • Worked hard to on the faction balancing to ensure that members are getting their money from cross-faction requests returned to them in a timely manner
  • Had a hand in helping to prepare ahead of our ranked wars, and then handling the payouts for the ranked wars in Strength
  • Managed the coordination of the faction perks within Strength
  • Put together a road map for the benefit of the members in Strength to see what the plan in the months ahead was
  • Written and provided input on a significant amount of guides, these will benefit not just our members now but those that join our ranks in the future
  • Coordinated the egg sharing during the Easter event, so that members without merits would be able to achieve them
  • Worked with our allies to assist in the movement of territories around the map, which can be a time consuming task
  • Worked heavily on the faction monitoring process for our requirements
  • Organised our townhall event and assisted with arranging meetings for the Imperial Staff to better coordinate our activities

Nemphesis has done an enormous amount for the Order first in his positions in Admissions, then as Imperial Governor as Strength - a new position that he took and really made his own and giving us a model Governor for others to follow - and now as Regent.

His promotion to Regent is a result of not just doing what I listed above, but also having proven that he is ready and willing to help wherever he could. An Emperor relies on their Imperial staff to make sure that the Order runs smoothly so that all members can benefit, and even before he became Regent, Nemphesis has been someone who has consistently helped me in my role, and I knew that I could trust him to continue the work he was doing to make sure that Pacifica is a great place to be.

We would benefit enormously if we had another dozen people like Nemph join our ranks, but it seems that they are rare in this world, so we are incredibly lucky to have someone like him with us.

Nemphesis you are well and truly deserving of being an Architect of the Order, and I hope to see our members taking some time to thank you for what you have been doing for us.

Awarded 7 years ago (2016-08-30)

Posted by Lord of Darkness

Import 'Pacifican Medal for Economic Excellence'

Also imperative in our alliance's health are those who run our economy. Economics is often one of the most thankless and imperative areas of employment. While Econ and MA have begun the merging process I would be remiss to overlook the incredible contributions of those who have kept us going. Nemphesis showed incredible leadership and poise when he began taking on more and more leadership within the Economics department. He rallied those around him, worked with people he'd never worked with before and humbly, with utmost class, pushed forward on our economic future with next to no support for quite some time.