Dedicated activity and participation in the community.

Awarded 5 months ago (2022-06-15)

Posted by Deatvert

For service during the ranked war with 39th Street XR. He contributed an absolutely massive amount of war hits, adding substantially to both war score and chain extensions.

Awarded 6 months ago (2022-05-16)

Posted by Imperial Emperor

As previously mentioned our success is a result of our members stepping up and helping out where needed, and one member worthy of being recognised for his work is Pep_9090. Serving within the Imperial Academy, Pep has been performing his duties faithfully and consistently, a major reason that applications to join us are being processed in good time and the efforts of the recruiters is not going to waste. Pep also has served well on the Strength faction Council, and has demonstrated a willingness to help members in need in addition to making over 1785 hits during faction chains, and for his efforts and contributions we thank him.