Exceptional service and/or leadership. For those who go above and beyond in their work in an area or who contribute leadership wise to further their respective area.

Awarded 1 month ago (2021-09-02)

Posted by Marina

Samasbhi is the sort of Pacifican who carves out a unique niche for themself. For years, Samasbhi has been a major presence in the NationStates branch, a critical player who bridges regimes, departments, cliques, and even the yawning divide between NS-based and forum-based roleplaying. As a much-beloved Governor, Exarch, and Vox Populi of the NPO, Samasbhi has been an unflappable, reliable presence in the Body Republic for years. Samasbhi's significance to the NS branch culture is seen in the continuing presence of the Cult of Pink, as well as in a long and productive tenure in the Praetorian Guard. The Pacific's Regional Message Board has been regulated in large part by Samasbhi for years, and the MegaVerse Roleplay is a long-running testament to Samasbhi's skills as a roleplay moderator. Truly, Samasbhi is an Exemplary Pacifican.