Excellent leadership and service to a specific aspect of the Order.

Awarded 3 years ago (2018-09-07)

Posted by Lord of Darkness

Import 'Pacifican Chancellor's Medal'

It comes as no surprise that tebeat has earned his second Imperial award during his NPO career. With experience in a variety of departments, tebeat's true calling has been in the mentoring and education of new Pacificans, a role he performs with great aplomb. Since joining the Exarchate, tebeat has contributed immensely to leadership discussions and provides valuable input on improving operations and fostering a sense of community within the Order.

Awarded 5 years ago (2016-08-30)

Posted by Lord of Darkness

Import 'Pacifican Citadel Medal'

Since joining the ranks of the Order in late 2014, tebeat has shown an increasing desire to be of assistance for all its members. Having successfully served in several departments such as Economic Affairs and Military Command, he found his shining star in the areas related to the education and upbringing of new Pacificans. After his appointment to leadership within the Mentor Corps, tebeat has been a driving force in looking for new ways to make the department both functional and more efficient, adapting to change as our environment shifted, and coming up with new ideas like the Trade Consultants and new, updated communication guides.