Consistent long term leadership contributions furthering a specific aspect of the Order.

Awarded 1 month ago (2021-09-02)

Posted by Lord of Darkness

Tebeat and his inebriated alternate personality Kruegar have improved Pacifican culture for the butter over the past three years, with a large amount of cultural quirks being his brainchildren, willing or otherwise. We have to wonder whether everything he does is an original idea or if he consults with his associates - a lamp post, an orange, and several meerkats - for inspiration. Besides becoming the inspiration for a significant portion of Conflux's responses he has been one of the main faces of the moderation staff, always engaging in friendly banter in our public Discord channels. Behind the scenes he regularly provides input to the rest of the moderation staff to help keep our community a friendly and safe place to be part of. Another of Tebeat's most notable contributions is hosting regular game streaming sessions occurring almost every weekend for the past two years where viewers watch him play and comment on a wide assortment of games.