Extended contributions to the community.

Awarded 6 years ago (2015-08-21)

Posted by Drcool

Import 'Internal Affairs Excellence Award'

Another figurehead of mentoring who has excelled in every way imaginable is Tebeat. Since joining Tebeat has been great source of enthusiasm and never shys away from a problem. Tebeat brings a great work ethic to any job he tackles and I know that if anything needs to be done he will be there willing to help. It has been great working with you Tebeat and I look forward to working with you more moving forward. In honor of his work I award Tebeat the Internal Affairs Excellence Award. Congrats Tebeat!

Awarded 6 years ago (2015-07-01)

Posted by McAwesome

Import 'Mentor Award of Recognition'

There are no amount of words that can express my gratitude to my second in charge – tebeat. He is the outstanding member that it has been an honor to work with and I look forward to continuing our work together.