Dedicated activity and participation in the community.

Awarded 1 month ago (2021-09-02)

Posted by Qui Iudicant

A staunch pragmatist, Wubdich has done an excellent array of work over the months since his appointment to the Munifex, from the interviewing of new applicants to the reporting of CC infractions.

Even more noteworthy is his commitment to the community. Even in spite of the often thankless nature of the job, Wubdich has found time to continue his pursuits on both the Regional Message Board and Discord, interacting with people both new and old, proving that no one ought to be an island and separated by duty. Behind his pragmatic disposition lies concealed a cheerful alter ego, Melina, which he vehemently denies existing at all, much like how Tebeat denies his undying devotion to this and that bottle of Scotch.