Extended contributions to the community.

Awarded 1 month ago (2022-12-17)

Posted by Imperial Emperor

The generosity of our members has allowed us to do a lot of things that other factions could not do, and one member that I'd like to acknowledge for her contributions to our cause is Xoriet. She has embarked on a quest to arm Pacificans with ranked war weapons, and has given at least five top quality ones to her fellow members as well as countless other kinds of ranked war weapons. Her arms dealing ways have allowed us to make more damage against our opponents, and for her spirit and generosity she is awarded the Pillar of Pacifica.

Awarded 8 months ago (2022-05-16)

Posted by Imperial Emperor

In her role as the Intelligence Director, Xoriet has been able to provide crucial insights and advice when called upon, giving us the information we need to be better informed about what happens in Torn around us. Like Saxasm much of her work is classified by the nature of Intelligence, she has served in her role faithfully since the establishment of the Intelligence department last year. I also want to acknowledge her amazing 1677 hits in Strength chains, your contributions there do not go unnoticed.